Gratuitous Space Battles

GSB is the ultimate space strategy game. It's a strategy / management / simulation game that does away with all the base building and delays and gets straight to the meat and potatoes of science-fiction games : The big space battles fought by huge spaceships with tons of laser beams and things going 'zap!', 'ka-boom!' and 'ka-pow!'.\
In GSB you put your ships together from modular components, arrange them into fleets, give your ships orders of engagement and then hope they emerge victorious from battle (or at least blow to bits in aesthetically pleasing ways).\
Gratuitous Space Battles aims to bring the over-the-top explodiness back into space strategy games. The game is for everyone who has watched big space armadas battle it out on TV and thought to themselves 'I could have done a much better job as admiral'. This is not a game of real-time arcade twitch reflexes. GSB is about what ships you design, and what you tell them to do. Your individual ship commanders have total autonomy during the chaotic battle that unfolds. This is not a tactical game, it is a strategic one. These gratuitous space battles are not won by plucky heroes with perfect teeth, but by the geeky starship builders who know exactly what ratio of plasma-cannons to engines each ship in the fleet will need.\
GSB has both a singleplayer mode, and a cunning 'asynchronous' multiplayer mode, where you upload a 'challenge' containing your fleet (complete with your custom ship designs and each ships orders of engagement) either to openly challenge all other GSB players, or aimed at a specific player you know. The game has a challenge browser and history which shows you who accepted your challenge, and whether they won or lost, and players can rank each others fleets for both fun and difficulty.\
If fighting against a fixed fleet of enemy ships (either the default game missions in three difficulties, or player-made challenges) isn't your thing, then GSB also has two 'survival mode' maps. In these battles, your fleet is helplessly outnumbered by wave after wave of enemies that warp in and attack you. Your fleet's final defeat is certain, but how many enemy ships will you blast to atoms before you go down with your ship? Check out the scores to see how other players have fared.\
Still not sure? Then just grab our demo direct from us now and be playing within minutes. Your space fleet awaits!

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.7 or later

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Game Versions

Basic version

This is the basic registered game: four races, 13 single-player missions, plus an online code for the multiplayer challenge system. Download immediately and start plotting the takeover of the galaxy! Just $22.95.

Collector's edition

The Collector's Edition has all of the features of the basic version, above, PLUS the Tribe, Order, and Swarm expansion packs already built in. A real bargain over buying the expansion packs separately, just $28.95!

Campaign Expansion Pack!

GALACTIC CONQUEST: This add-on for GSB adds a whole new way to play. Individual battles become engagements in a larger war for control of the galaxy. Start on a lone home planet, and build fleets to conquer enemy planets and take their resources. Dozens of new features like ship repair, capturing enemy ships, a retreat option, and many, many more make this almost another whole game. And it's just $6.99! NOTE: This campaign add-on is, um, an add-on; you must have the basic or collector's edition of the game, above. You don't have to have any of the other expansions, though the campaign will use them if you have them. Did we mention it's JUST $6.99?? Go get it!

Conquer the galaxy!

More Expansions

PARASITES: Adds a new race interested in finding hosts for their immature larvae. Ten new ships, three new weapon types, one new scenario, and new ship bonuses. $5.99.

Conquer the galaxy!

The TRIBE: Adds a new race of starfaring folk. Eleven new ships, one new weapon type, enhanced repair modules, and new ship bonuses. The Tribe uses kinetic weapons instead of energy, repair quickly, and rely on super-strong hulls. $5.99; included in the Collector's Edition above.

Conquer the galaxy!

The ORDER: A group of religious zealots. Ten new ships, four new weapon types, new bonuses and two new scenarios to battle in. $5.99; included in the Collector's Edition above.

Conquer the galaxy!

The SWARM: This new race relies on multitudes of weaker ships. Ten new ships, four new modules for ships, new bonuses, two new scenarios. $5.99; included in the Collector's Edition above.

Conquer the galaxy!

The NOMADS: This race of enemies has no homeworld; they roam the galaxy looking for battles as sport. The pack includes the new race, with ten new ships, five new weapons and equipment for ships, and speed bonuses.

Conquer the galaxy!

Or get The Nomads, The Swarm, The Order, and the Tribe for just $9.99!

Current Mac version: 1.60
Current Mac App Store version: 1.60

Attention Mac App Store Purchasers: the Galactic Conquest pack requires an online key, which doesn't come with the Mac App Store version (that's why it's $6 less expensive). If you'd like to add online play, please email your Mac App Store receipt for GSB to us ( and we'll send you a link so you can purchase an online key for the $6 price difference. Thanks!